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The bioinformatic facility aims to provide a large selection of software tools, useful in the analysis of nucleic acid and protein sequences as well as other typical biological data, such as images. The described services are currently offered to researchers located in variuos institutions in the area of Napoli, including DBBM, IGB, BIOGEM, DBPCM. Most services are also made available to the research community through our public web site, although with some limitations due to data not publicly available and to the excessive load that a public server would pose for programs requiring higher processing power.

[edit] What is available ?

Bioinfo programs: Over 200 programs for DNA and protein sequence manipulation, molecular prediction, and statistical data analysis are currently installed and maintained. They may be grouped as follows:

Databases: About 70 public databases are mirrored locally and daily updated. SRS is used as the main web interface for accessing these biological databases. The complete list of all the available databases on SRS is available here. Databases may be grouped according to the content into:

Local facilities: Several DBs have been developed in order to support the activity of internal facilities, and their interaction with the users. The DBs offer a web interface and are generally connected to other bioinformatic analysis tools.

Research DB:The following DBS have been developed within specific research projects, and ar currently in use by the people involved. Some of them (*) have been made available to the scientfic community as a public access web site.

Bioinformatics: Bioinformatic services - Research Activity - IT Services - The Bioinformatics Group
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