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[edit] Bioinfo Services

are provided through the portal at, which gives access to a large set of services in the area of bioinformatics, which include public databases, programs and databases developed locally both as a result of specific research projects, or to solve some general experimental problems. These services are offered to the researchers at CEINGE, as well as to registered users working in other research institutions. Most services are also available to the whole scientific community.

[edit] Research Activity

is mainly centered on computational analysis of genomic sequences, mostly in the field of comparative genomics and RNA structure, but also includes functional studies of cell movement. In addition the service itself often acts as a stimulus towards the identification of new methods to solve specific problems and leads to the development of novel tools for storage and manipulation of biological data.

[edit] IT Services

are also provided by the people in the group, as a side activity, deriving from the need to support the development and maintenance of the data network and services such as mail, authentication, file servers etc.

The Bioinformatics group is responsible for organizing and maintaining the services and carrying out the research activity. The group, coordinated by G. Paolella, is composed of scientists with different backgrounds. Within it, researchers with a biological background work together with others coming from physics or informatics, to develop their research projects and provide services in the bioinformatic field.

This site is aimed to collect and present in a comfortable way services and research activity, but is also an entry point for more extensive documentation. In most cases these pages also allow direct access to the described services.

Bioinformatics: Bioinformatic services - Research Activity - IT Services - The Bioinformatics Group
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