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Kinweb database is a collection of human protein kinases encoded in the human genome ("human kinome") and relative annotations.
Human kinase genes and their products have been extensively annotated: functional domains, secondary and tertiary structure of each gene product are reported, together with the full list of conserved sequence elements (CSTs), identified by comparative analysis of human kinase genes with their murine counterparts. The comparative analysis and subsequent CST computational analysis, aimed at identifying unannotated exons, indicates that a large number of kinase may code for alternately spliced forms or be incorrectly annotated.

[edit] How to reach and use KINWEB

The database is available at kinases can be searched by domain combinations and the relative genes may be viewed in a graphic browser at various level of magnification up to gene organization on the full chromosome set.

[edit] Available annotations

Many computational analyses have been performed on the complete human kinome, including:

  • InterProScan analysis, in order to study domain distribution and combination in the various families;
  • Comparative analysis of all gene regions and subsequent computational analysis (described in DG-CST), aimed at identifying CSTs, with particular focusing on those corresponding to unannotated exons;
  • Structural analysis, including the putative presence of transmembrane alpha helices, and the cystein propensity to participate into a disulfide bridge.

The results of all analyses have been stored into the KINWEB database and can be accessed from the web interface.

[edit] References

Milanesi L, Petrillo M, Sepe L, Boccia A, D'Agostino N, Passamano M, Di Nardo S, Tasco G, Casadio R, Paolella G. Systematic analysis of human kinase genes: a large number of genes and alternative splicing events result in functional and structural diversity. BMC Bioinformatics. 2005, 6 Suppl 4:S20.

Bioinformatics: Research DB: DG-CST - KINWEB - ONCOEMAT - EYEDIS - CFTR
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