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images data bank

ImagesDB was developed to store biological images together with information about the research plan, the cell line, colture conditions and the staining method and also image acquisition parameters such as objective, focus position, camera resolution, exposure time and others. Data storage is based on a PostgreSQL relational databank. The system is organized to integrate data coming from the acquisition system, with additional experimental data directly inserted from the user. In order to facilitate storage procedures and, at the same time, to reduce errors or data loss, images and the relative data are automatically transferred into the database at the very moment they are saved. Data access is through a user-friendly web-interface, which allows to insert, modify and search for data. Each experiment is easily connected to the corresponding research project and provides information about the samples used and their treatments. Images produced during the experiment are organized by channel, acquisition and sample. Multi level images (z-stacks or timelapse) may be individually accessed.

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