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ENSEMBL is a system created by EMBL/EBI and Sanger Institute for the automatic annotation of eukariotic genomes. It provides a powerful web interface for searching and browsing the information stored in the databases. The current version of ENSEMBL collects data from 35 different eukariotic genomes, including 30 chordates and 21 mammals; both the number of organisms and the quality of annotations are continuously growing.

The CEINGE Bioinformatics group has always ensured a local installation of ENSEMBL, considered as a useful resource for the research community. Considering the complexity of the system and the frequency of updates, we developed a procedure for automatic update of the local installation of ENSEMBL. It consists of a series of programs which on a daily basis check the current version of ENSEMBL and, if needed, perform the update by downloading new data sets, by creating data banks and by switching to the updated version of ENSEMBL. Manual refinement allows to solve the inevitable small (or big) problems deriving from changes of formats and other causes

The current ENSEMBL version is 45, of june 2007.

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