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User account
Every user is provided with a unique and personal account to access all the available IT services in the institute. The account management is completely integrated with the user database, where the user data are stored and managed by the personnel office. The account can be used to access all the services reserved to registered users, such as mail, the file server, the restricted web services, wireless network and so on. Follow this link for more details about the account management.
The institute provides email service for the domain (accounts in the form It is accessible by using a webmail service, requiring only a valid user account. It may be accessed at the following address CEINGE webmail. Alternatively, an email client can be installed and configured on the computer to fully manage the email service.
Have a look at the mail configuration to set a local mail client and to discover all the features.
File Server
The file server offers a way to share a central user space, useful to store files. This space is automatically backed up and is the same space directly used by the bioinformatic services. The users have different chanches to access it, depending on the platform they use:
  • AFP: The MacOS protocol to mount network volumes;
  • SMB: The protocol used in MsWindows environement to share files and directories;
  • FTP: The most common and basic protocol to transfer files between computers;
  • SFTP: The secure version of the ftp protocol, which supports encryption of both data and accounting information.
The user space on the file server is reachable seeking the folder named with the own username in the "Home" folder. See how it is internally structured: User Space Structure.
Web Server
This service is widely used to issue a number of services based on the web protocol and not only the official ceinge website (CEINGE - Biotecnologie Avanzate), among others:
  • Bioinformatic site, the main portal of the bioinformatic at ceinge
  • Scientific databases (SRS, Ensemble)
  • Management interfaces to databases containing experimental data (CST, Kinase)
  • Personal web site, a user space shared via web fully manageable from the users.
Virtual Linux Station
A service based on the VNC client/server protocol, used to share a remote graphical desktop. The peculiarity of the VLS service is the integration of a central linux graphical desktop, capable to run a number of scientific programs, with the entire IT infrastructure (user space on the file server, biological databases, computing resources). To use it, follow the istructions.

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